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Manuel Roberto

Phone: 808-640-2643


Bilingual: Spanish


  • My name is Manuel Roberto,  I am a licensed Insurance Broker and Agent in the State of Hawaii. I have been helping people with their Insurance needs for the last 20 years since October 2000.  In 2015,  I started selling Medicare Insurance products through Financial Benefits Insurance Hawaii. I really enjoyed helping seniors to get the Insurance Health Benefits they deserve and need to live a healthy lifestyle in our community. I am personally enrolled in parts A and B of the Federal Medicare Insurance program and enjoyed the extra benefits which are offered through a local Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • I graduated from UC Berkeley and have worked for various companies in the Financial Services Industry, I also sell Life Insurance, Long Term care and Annuities. Besides my Insurance Business, I play music with my wife Bernice, we are members of the Kona Harp Ensemble and enjoy playing music at the resorts or community venues specially during Christmas.
  • For further information, please contact me at
  • 808-640-2643